Alignment inspection - passenger ship

November 2017 - This case was about inspection measurements regarding the straightness of the cutclass bearing pockets of propulsion system on a passenger ship. The propulsion system includes two engines with their gearboxes and shafts. Every shaft is supported by two V- brackets outside of the stern and one more cutlass bearing on the stern tube.

3D scanning & 3D modeling - Oil Refinery

Attica, November 2017 - State of the art geodetic instrumentation - laser scanner technology - were utilized for detailed scanning of a spent caustic treatment unit U-6300 at an Oil Refinery. In a time period of 1 working day the unit was scanned with Leica ScanStation P40. Data had been uploaded to the specialized modeling and point cloud processing software for the final production of the detailed 3D Model. Click below to see photos..

Alignment inspection - elval fata

Oinofyta, October 2017 - Alignment inspection had been succesfully taking place on several rolls of an Elval aluminum production line. Leica TDRA6000 industrial total station with relevant measurement jigs and spherical reflectors were utilized for the collection of the necessary observation on rolls. Rolls were also monitored - examined under tension conditions. Corrections were directly given to the Elval maintentance shifts for further actions.


Lathes alignment inspection & adjustment services

Idustrial Park of Schisto- Our team realised alignment inspection & adjustment on two lathes in a major workshop specialized in marine repairs. For these measurments our engineers used Easy – Laser E940 machine tool*. After measurements the lathes (10m and 6m) were aligned together to handle up to 20m shafts.
*Easy-Laser® E940 Machine tool system is the market’s most complete measurement system for measuring & aligning machine tools. You can measure straightness, flatness, squareness, spindle pointing direction, level etc.


Stake out of draft marks on a yacht

Perama, Greece – Measurement services for the marking of two decoration lines and positioning of draft marks on a yacht were realized by our team last week. An industrial total station (Leica TDRA 6000) was used for the measurement of the established control network (with permanent and temporal retro reflectors and spherical mounted targets), the desired detail points as also for the final markings. 

geometry inspection on blue star patmos

Elefsis, Greece - RoRo passenger ship Blue Star Patmos was geometrically inspected from our team last week. During the first three measurement services, the ship was measured during afloat and dry conditions. The examined zones were on the deck 3 internal area. Industrial total station (Leica TDRA6000) with relevant accessories and software’s were used for collecting and processing all the necessary data. Accuracy and time were the most critical parameters for the specific project. Deck 3 platform and keel line had to be measured in a short time period and more specifically before and after the dry docking of the ship and before any repair work on impacted areas. 

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3D scanning meaurements in Georgios Averof

The Hellenic Navy’s century-old battle cruiser “Georgios Averof” which now serves as a floating museum is back from an extensive maintenance period. After spending over 60 years as a museum ship, the battle cruiser has its hull and upper deck refurbished and interior areas totally renovated. Our team has used 3D scanning technology (ScanStation P40) and high accuracy industrial total station (TDRA6000) to accurately collect, a dense dataset.

Alignment services on a cargo vessel

Our best in class engineers have just completed alignment inspection measurements on the main engine crankshaft bearing pockets of a cargo vessel with the usage of Easy laser Line bore E 950 system. Totally, 7 bearing journals were inspected and two measurement series were taken with repeatability better than 0.01 mm.

Easy Laser Vestas - GEK TERNA

..for Vestas shaft alignment! We are pleased to announce the supply of Easy-Laser® Vestas shaft alignment system to GEK TERNA group. The company already owns and operates wind farms in several regions in Greece since 1997. Additionally, the company is operating, constructing or evaluating wind farms in South-Eastern and Central Europe (Poland, Bulgaria, etc), is present in the markets of MENA and since 2011 it has expanded its activity to the USA. The alignment of generators and gearboxes is a necessity since large forces are in action in a wind turbine. With the Easy-Laser® shaft alignment system the generator and gearbox can be aligned with the coupling dismounted and the brake locked. The use of the system leads to safe & optimum operation and less maintenance costs.

Easy laser systems - alignment systems

Within the process industry, operations usually occur 24 hours a day, all year round. This places extremely high demands on preventative maintenance work. With Easy-Laser® laser measurement systems it is possible to optimize the operation of your machines, not only through alignment, but also via vibration checks. This results in less downtime and lower maintenance costs. For large, energy intensive industries the electricity costs can be reduced dramatically thanks to correctly aligned machines.

Ballast water treatment installation

METRICA S.A. is proud to announce its synergy with field experts - United Naval Architects (UNA), NAV Marine PTE Ltd., SimFWD P.C.  in order to provide high quality services in Ballast Water Treatment Installation projects. The four top rated companies have joined forces to provide unique services supporting shipping companies in various sectors such as the compliance with the Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention. Our team assists companies from the very beginning – become familiar with the BWTs technologies – till the end of the process – BWTs installation with a very professional and efficient way.  Follow the link to see more.