Dry dock for yachts/ship

Dry Dock Preparation for ship and yacht vessels when important repair on the body and propulsion system is required: Depending on the damage of the ship body and for the avoidance of provoked deformations due to shipyard docking basements,  METRICA S.A. geometrically inspect the vessel in afloat conditions in order to determine any deformations from nominal dimensions (center line deformation, twist, hogging etc) , for damage evaluation. Measurements before and after dry docking and of any repairs certify the final achievable ship geometry.
Dry Dock for yachts when shafts or bearing repairs are required: Depending on the frequency of faults in the shaft system and/or vibrations while sailing at high speed, METRICA S.A. measures the deformation between the afloat and the dry dock yacht position that is the main reason for these problems and support your engineers to eliminate the effect of the wrong alignment because of a faulty placement during dry docking.



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