Sounding Tables Production

With the usage of internal electro - optical distance ranging method by using state-of-the-art terrestrial laser scanner (Leica P40) and point cloud - modeling software's, Metrica S.A. is capable of scanning any tank in less than a working day and produce accurate calibration tables.  Despite of the size, shape and tank deadwood, as - built geometries can be surveyed in detail and digitally reconstruct them on specialized software's. Free liquid surface and other mechanical parameters can be simulated for any ship heel, or trim condition, as also the true geometry shape of sounding devices is recorded. The results are scalable and defined accordingly to each specific user needs. Deliverables vary from accurate calibration tables in any increment/unit/format to  as - built 3D model and sections.


  • no usage of rough approximations and mathematical trigonometric equations
  • contemporary metrological techniques by using state-of-the art equipment
  • experienced staff
  • field measurements on each tank in just a few hours despite the size/shape/deadwood
  • production of accurate calibration tables for any trim/list scenario and no only for even keel
  • possibility for delivery of the digitally reconstructed 3D tank model

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