3D Scanning for Ballast water treatment systems feasibility study

Canada, October 2019 - Detailed scanning of selected areas on a Bulk Carrier vessel for documentation purposes. Scan data will be utilized for the feasibility study of a ballast water treatment system. The 3D information was collected with the usage of Leica BLK 360 Laser Scanner. After point cloud processing, the following data were delivered: a) Point clouds of the scanned areas – Engine, Outer areas, Ballast control room) in .rcp file format b) JetStreamViewerSetup.exe, a free viewer that can import and display point cloud and panorama images of the scanning setups of the aforementioned 3 areas c) Technical Report.

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Our team has used Leica RTC360, 3D laser scanner in order to capture and reconstruct via solid and other geometric primitives, a packaging unit at NESTLE Hellas premises. In a time period of 1 working day the unit was measured and uploaded to the specialized modeling and point cloud processing software for the final production of the detailed 3D Model and Drawings. 

Scan to BIM project

Our team was contracted to realize a series of 3D scanning measurements on a Steam Boiler Room in PMI – PAPASTRATOS Greece premises. The main purpose was the creation of a 3D model, with geometric and attribute data of the components. This process is known as Scan to BIM. Data can be further utilized for maintenance purposes, revamp process preparation and design of new production facility systems, run operation simulations and many others.

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3D Scanning & Modeling for CFD analysis

A growing number of plant managers and owners are now seeing 3D as a logical next step in improving plant efficiency, uptime and safety (reduce hazards and challenges). In this case, our team’s main task was to scan part of a complex chemical refinery area to create 3D model with intent to be used for Structural Demolition Analysis & Explosion Simulation (CFD analysis).

2018 - Review in brief infographic
Another year came to an end. With demanding projects acomplished, hundreds of hours in the field, thousands of customer support calls, new partnerships, innovative solutions launched and hard conditions which have been overcome, METRICA is proud to maintain its continuous growth. This happens thanks to our amazing personnel and our valuable partners who are committed to our values for responsibility and professionalism. Thank you all for your efforts!

Great thanks to our customers who are the most valuable of all!

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