Rudder installation geometry inspaction

Turkey, October 2018 – Measurements for geometry inspection of the rudder installation of a bulk carrier with the usage of Easy Laser alignment system (Easy laser Line bore E 950). Main purpose: identify the cause of recurring failures. 

3d laser scanning - hull scanning - yacht

Perama, July 2018 - Detailed 3D scanning of the external hull surface of a motor yacht. The application was fulfilled via the usage of terrestrial laser scanner Leica ScanStation P40 and industrial total station Leica TDRA 6000. By using the dense point clouds, all as-built sections of the yacht were created. Sections (CAD format) were the final deliverables to the relevant workshops. The yacht was scanned on Nausi Shipyard premises, Perama, Greece.



3d laser scanning - hull scanning - yacht

Turkey, June 2018 - Detailed 3D scanning of the external hull surface of a motor yacht in Yachtley Shipyards, Izmit, Turkey. Our team used Leica ScanStation P40 for high accuracy and efficient performance. By using the dense point clouds, all as-built sections of the yacht were created. Sections (CAD format) were the final deliverables to the relevant workshops.



Engine room 3D Scanning

May 2018 - Travelling worldwide, from China to Baltimore, U.S., our team fulfilled more than twenty 3D scanning surveys of engine rooms and related ship areas since January 2018. The increasing demand for ballast water treatment systems in containers, ships, dry bulk carriers, tankers, and general cargos has led to an amazing increase in 3D scanning surveys comparing to 2017.

Oil platform 3D scanning & 3D modeling

METRICA S.A. realized 3D Scanning measurements and further 3D Modeling of a specific deck of an oil rig. Measurements were realized with the use of Leica ScanStation P40 & Leica TDRA6000 industrial theodolite.

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Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A.  invested in the purchase of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403.

Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A., the company which guarantees the reliability of the aerial assets of the Greek Armed Forces has just invested in the purchase of the state of the art laser tracker system, Leica Laser Tracker AT403, a system that sets a standard for portability, simplicity, robust construction and measurement efficiency. METRICA S.A. visited HAI premises to deliver the equipment and training services. Our experienced engineer Mr. Theodoros Xenakis and Mr. Cristian Hellwig, Regional Product Sales Manager at Hexagon Metrology S.p.A. discussed critical issues with HAI personnel and answered questions related to the use of the system and the fields of application.

Waterlines, darught marks, decorating lines

Perama, February 2018 - Our team realized measurement series for water, draught and decorating lines marking with the use of industrial total station - Leica TDRA6000 - with relevant accessories and software for collecting and processing all the necessary data.


alignment inspection - wire mills

METRICA S.A. contracted with SIDENOR S.A. for the alignment inspection of two Ashlow type wire rod mills. Measurement series has been held during a scheduled maintenance of both units. By utilizing high accuracy industrial total station Leica TDRA6000, our team accomplished the alignment inspection under the prescribed accuracy needs. Read More



Alignment inspection - passenger ship

November 2017 - This case was about inspection measurements regarding the straightness of the cutclass bearing pockets of propulsion system on a passenger ship. The propulsion system includes two engines with their gearboxes and shafts. Every shaft is supported by two V- brackets outside of the stern and one more cutlass bearing on the stern tube.

3D scanning & 3D modeling - Oil Refinery

Attica, November 2017 - State of the art geodetic instrumentation - laser scanner technology - were utilized for detailed scanning of a spent caustic treatment unit U-6300 at an Oil Refinery. In a time period of 1 working day the unit was scanned with Leica ScanStation P40. Data had been uploaded to the specialized modeling and point cloud processing software for the final production of the detailed 3D Model. Click below to see photos..

Alignment inspection - elval fata

Oinofyta, October 2017 - Alignment inspection had been succesfully taking place on several rolls of an Elval aluminum production line. Leica TDRA6000 industrial total station with relevant measurement jigs and spherical reflectors were utilized for the collection of the necessary observation on rolls. Rolls were also monitored - examined under tension conditions. Corrections were directly given to the Elval maintentance shifts for further actions.